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Monthly Statistics of the Patient Rights Observatory – October 2023

The CyFPA Observatory received a total of 53 complaints in October.

Most of the complaints were about medicines and treatments. Treatments not covered by the GHS (General Healthcare System), complaints about drugs not included in the GHS, drug shortages, complaints about protocol changes by the GHS for drugs administered to cardiac patients, and complaints about non-inclusion of specific diagnoses in the Non-Prescription Drug List.

Regarding other categories of complaints, they concerned the behavior of doctors in medical boards, complaints about a gynecologist who recommended an unnecessary (as it turned out later) surgery for a patient, difficulties in accessing specialists within the GHS (such as the lack of pediatric endocrinologists), and increases in drug prices.

We received inquiries about whether there are state provisions regarding benefits or benefits for specific categories of patients such as people with disabilities, patients with dementia, or mental disabilities. Complaints were recorded regarding the delayed arrangement of appointments by specialists within the GHS and the absence of afternoon appointments for specific doctors in OKYPY hospitals. Complaints continue about Private Doctors concerning charges for visits, telephone prescription renewals, as well as restrictions in public and private hospitals and clinics that do not allow a patient’s companion during appointments or scheduled medical procedures.

This month, there were increased reports from patients needing financial support due to expenses not covered by the GHS for treatments (hospital transfers, contributions, daily expenses they cannot cover due to their inability to work). Complaints about medical neglect were also increased compared to previous months. Unfortunately, these cases are difficult to prove and attribute justice to, although in some cases, it has become evident that courts have awarded very high compensations against doctors.

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