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Monthly Statistics of the Patient Rights Observatory – July 2023

The CyFPA Observatory received a total of 37 complaints in July.

This month, most complaints were related to medications and treatments, specifically shortages of drugs or medications that are not included in the GESY pharmaceutical products catalog. There were also some complaints about the inconvenience experienced by patients when served by hospital pharmacies, as well as the limited number of physiotherapy sessions patients are entitled to.

Furthermore, there were reports of rejected requests and a small number of visits regarding various GESY services such as home care and rehabilitation services. We also received complaints about the refusal to issue referrals by personal doctors.

It’s important to note that not all complaints are forwarded for investigation to the relevant authorities; they are recorded as simple reports because often, those involved fear retaliatory behavior or believe that lodging a complaint under their name won’t lead to justice. Others may refuse to provide their consent for lodging a named complaint due to their reluctance to pursue the matter or engage in legal disputes.

Statistical data based on categories of complaints:

Based on health service “PROVIDER”

Based on complaint “Category”

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