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Monthly Statistics of the Patient Rights Observatory – November 2023

The CyFPA Observatory received a total of 39 complaints in October.

Most of the complaints were about the difficulty of accessing healthcare services, such as treatments not covered by the GHS (General Healthcare System) or specialties not yet included in the GHS (such as pediatric endocrinologists and pediatric rheumatologists) and an insufficient number of speech therapists within the GHS for certain patient categories.

The Ombudsman received complaints about the lack of attendants in schools for underage patients with chronic conditions and complaints about the quality of services in rehabilitation centers or elderly care homes.

There were also complaints about home nursing care services for bedridden individuals unable to visit a medical center themselves. These patients, mainly elderly, are forced to pay out of pocket for the services they need, as the number of home nursing care services covered within the GHS is very limited.

Finally, complaints have been received regarding drugs not provided through the GHS for certain patient categories, non-inclusion of medications in the GHS, and complaints about behavioral issues from medical and nursing staff.

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