Medical Shield


Within the framework of the Cyprus Federation of Patients’ Associations (CyFPA) and in collaboration with volunteers and partners, a proactive group called ‘Medical Shield’ is formed.

There are significant gaps in existing legislation regarding the assurance of proper assessment and registration of physicians practicing medicine in Cyprus, ensuring continuous medical education, and evaluating the competence of physicians.

The inability of institutions to implement the relevant legislation, as well as the gaps in the legislative framework, allow for the emergence of numerous problems and serious issues regarding patient safety, as listed below.

  • There are serious problems and many gaps in the process of recognizing academic titles and degrees of studies and the registration of physicians.
  • There’s a serious issue with forged diplomas and the inability for quick and adequate examination and punishment of the guilty.
  • There’s a serious problem with the recognition of specialties and expertise.
  • There’s a serious issue with the declaration and advertisement of specialties by doctors who lack such recognition, and it seems that the law is unable to intervene effectively.
  • There’s a serious gap in monitoring the continuous education of physicians.
  • There’s a serious problem and a gap in the reevaluation of the competence and knowledge of physicians.

Since all of the above have a serious impact on the health and safety of patients and pose a significant risk to the health of our fellow human beings, potentially resulting in the loss of human lives and the creation of serious health problems, the initiative group ‘Medical Shield’ has agreed on the following objectives.


  • Modernizing and reforming the legislative framework for the registration, education, and evaluation of physicians, and strengthening the legislation for the immediate and exemplary punishment of those who violate the law.
  • Improving and promoting the quality of health services and, in particular, patient safety.
  • The group’s aim is to highlight the many serious issues faced by citizens in healthcare services, relating to the quality and safety of public health. This includes complaints about fake doctors, physicians practicing in medical specialties without the relevant recognition and approval from the state to do so.
  • Promotion and publicizing of the issue. Collaboration with all stakeholders. Exerting pressure to advance necessary measures. Mobilizing citizens to apply pressure. Establishing partnerships to amplify our voice.

Medical Shield