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About us

The Cyprus Federation of Patients’ Associations (CyFPA) was founded in November 1986 and counts 37 member organizations and 3 associated members, representing thousands of members and patients nationwide. CyFPA’s goal is to serve as the umbrella organization representing all patient associations. CyFPA is a member of the European Patients Federation (EPF) and an affiliated member of Eurordis International.

CyFPA advocates for the protection of patients’ rights at all levels, in accordance with the legislation of Cyprus and the European Union, as well as ensuring the standard of healthcare. It is established as a social partner of the state on matters concerning patients.

What is Patient Rights Observatory

The Patient Rights Observatory (‘Observatory’) deals with the following issues:

(a) Submission, recording, and categorization of patients’ problems and complaints.

(b) Highlighting general and specific public health issues.

(c) Promoting proposals to all relevant authorities to find solutions.

(d) Guiding citizens where necessary and monitoring the progress of raised issues to ensure swift and effective resolution of the problems they face.

Observatory Purpose

  1. To serve as a tool for assessing the implementation of patients’ rights.
  2. Recording and forwarding to the relevant authorities the issues citizens face when seeking healthcare services for resolution.
  3. Monitoring the functionality level of healthcare services in our country and operating preventively for issue management on behalf of patients.
  4. Advocating for patients’ rights.
  5. Enhancing contact and collaboration between CyFPA and citizens/patients in the area of complaints/patient grievances for their promotion and resolution, aiming to create a robust support and protection network for patients.
  6. Identifying, defining, and highlighting gaps and deficiencies in the healthcare sector.
  7. Improving the provided services and submitting recommendations from CyFPA for promotion to the relevant authorities.

Observatory Goals

  1. The submission, recording, and categorization of patients’ problems and complaints.
  2. Highlighting general and specific public health issues and promoting proposals to the relevant authorities for their resolution.
  3. Guiding and forwarding to the competent authorities the issues raised by patients and monitoring the process of their resolution.
  4. Exerting direct and indirect pressure from the Observatory on all relevant bodies dealing with healthcare, especially chronic patients, to ensure respect for their rights for equal access to quality healthcare services.
  5. Showcasing best practices in public health and in respecting patients’ rights.

Contact: 1403 | Pan-Cyprian Toll-Free Telephone Number

Ways of submitting a complaint

You can submit your complaint via our online platform.

Otherwise, you can complete the Complaint Form  and send it
α) via email to 
β) via fax at 22 38 60 03
γ) via post at P.O Box  12831, 2253 – Nicosia, Cyprus