Cyprus Association of Friends and Individuals with Brain Tumors

Number of Members | 
Agioiu Damianou 4B Arxhaggelos, 2054, Nicosia

Organization Goals

We aim to achieve broader recognition of the particular issues faced by our patients and their families concerning their illness. We strive for public awareness and enlightenment, organizing seminars and taking actions that could assist patients with brain tumors.

We support initiatives both within and outside Cyprus for broader collaboration among support, advocacy, and information groups against brain tumors and rare diseases.

We are committed to working towards and promoting these goals in collaboration with organizations and individuals involved in this issue, including relevant government departments, private physicians, organizations offering medical services, pharmaceutical companies, cancer advocacy groups, hospital physicians, both in the public and private sectors, research centers, and other patient rights advocacy organizations.

Our aim is to provide encouragement and hope to every brain tumor patient in Cyprus and internationally so that no one with a brain tumor feels isolated and forgotten.

The founding of the Cyprus Brain Tumor Association aims to open doors of hope, create communication bridges with advanced research centers on this specific issue, and raise awareness about this problem.

Main Annual Events

2. Seminar on “Vaccine against brain tumors – Immunotherapy Clinical Trials” | 2012
3. March to the parliament for submitting a request for the establishment of a brain tumor tissue bank, as well as genotype examination for better treatment selection
4. Fashion show at the Hilton Hotel under the auspices of Ms. Anastasiadou
5. Among these, many afternoon teas and coffees to support our fund.

Participation in National, European, Global Organizations, and Forums

We participated this year by invitation in the global conference of the International Brain Tumor Association, of which we are members and operate under its umbrella. The conference took place in Spain, and our presence was a great success. We’ve invited them to hold their next conference in Cyprus, and they’ve told us they will seriously consider it.