Pan-Cyprian Association of Parents and Friends of the Pediatric Oncology Unit

Number of Members | 
Athinas 23, 1017, Nicosia

Organization Goals

1. Constant legal means of support and assistance to families with children hospitalized or monitored by the Pediatric Oncology Unit of the Nicosia General Hospital.
2. Direct material, financial, and psychological assistance to these families.
3. Theoretical and practical training of individuals interested in volunteering to assist these families and children.
4. Raising awareness among authorities and the public in general about the issues faced by these families and children.
5. Identifying deficiencies or weaknesses in the relevant legislation or services related to these families and children and making recommendations to the relevant government bodies for corrective actions and the development of broader policies addressing the issues they face.

Programes and Services

They are in their initial planning stages, as we are an association with only a month and a half of operation.

Main Difficulties

The absence of a legislative framework or regulatory provisions, or even circulars from the relevant Ministries regarding children suffering from cancer and leukemia, whether it concerns financial policy, psychosocial support for children and their families, provisions for supportive therapy (physiotherapy, speech therapy, etc.), or matters related to smooth reintegration into school and society at large.