Pancyprian Association of Friends of Kidney Patients

Number of Members | 
Ious 1, Apt. 302, 2012, Strovlos
22491295 | 22491294

Organization Goals

The provision of all kinds of assistance and support to Cypriot kidney patients, including financial support for needy patients.
Contribution to the training of medical, especially nursing staff in hospitals.
Investment in research on kidney diseases to address problems promptly and increase patients’ hopes.

Programes and Services

Financial assistance to impoverished kidney patients.
Sponsorship for nursing education.

Main Difficulties

The lack of medication and consumables in dialysis units.
Insufficient medical and nursing staff.
Issues with patient transportation from non-urban areas.

Main Annual Events

Annual week of information and prevention of kidney diseases.
Charity events for fundraising for the Association.

Participation in National, European, Global Organizations, and Forums