Cyprus Hepatitis Patients and Friends Association ‘Prometheus’

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Eptanisou 34Α, 3100, Limassol
99444202 | 99645670

Organization Goals

1. Informing and raising awareness among the general public, specific groups, and social entities about the growing issue of viral hepatitis, its prevention, and management.
2. Advocating for the rights of chronic patients, particularly ensuring easier access to diagnostic tests and medical treatments.

Programes and Services

1. Awareness campaign on Hepatitis A, B & C (State Hospitals, State or private facilities with substance dependence cases, Gregorio Clinic, schools, general public).
2. Collaboration with our scientific team for the psychological support of patients diagnosed with hepatological issues.
3. Establishing an open helpline for direct communication between the public and scientific members of the Association.
4. Information program for the public regarding organ donation (‘Give Life Too’).
5. Conducting an epidemiological study on Hepatitis C (Defining the scope of the problem).

Main Difficulties

1. Ignorance and lack of information dissemination programs regarding Hepatitis transmission.
2. Delays in the Liver Transplantation procedure.
3. Transplanted, correctional, and self-inflicted patients not classified by the state as ‘chronic patients.’
4. Unjustifiable delays in obtaining effective antiviral drugs for Hepatitis C. (Cyprus is the only European country and among neighboring countries like Egypt that has failed to supply its patients with more effective drugs, resulting in patients being ‘without hope…’)
5. Lack of financial resources to implement informative programs for populations where the virus can be transmitted, such as:
A. Drug users (needle users)
B. Patients with HIV/AIDS
C. Organ donation

Main Annual Events

1. July 28 – World Hepatitis Day
2. October 28 – World Day for Organ Donation and Transplantation

Participation in National, European, Global Organizations, and Forums

1. World Hepatitis Alliance
2. ELPA : European Liver Patients Association
3. “Promitheas “ Greece